Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Post-Thanksgiving Blahs.

I want to thank everyone for your supportive comments on both our cat endeavors and my psychological issues with baby showers! Thank you so much.

The baby shower went really well, in fact, and I'm actually very excited about having a niece! I'm sure she's going to be wonderful and adorable. Some other things happened over that weekend that I might tell you about at some point...but I'm not ready yet to talk about it. A bit distracting, but nothing too horrible, really!

And I took a shot (perhaps our only one) of the Orange Guy who fathered the two little kittens in the background of the shot...aren't they adorable??? Those two guys are from separate litters, but just love each other. Oh, and our neighbors were able to get some money to get some of these guys fixed, too! Yay!

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Times they are a Changin'

Yep. Not for me, mind you - for my brother and his wife. Tomorrow I'm off to a baby shower (actually I can't believe that I'm driving 100 miles for a shower)! I suspect they are trying to avoid the holiday season by having the shower now, more than 2 months before her due-date. I honestly wasn't expecting to be dealing with a shower this early. But, I thought ahead and bought these:

These are from the Soho Boutique on Etsy, and I think they're adorable! In fact, I thought I might be able to keep them longer, even. Not that I have anything to do with them. I tried putting them on the cats, but the cats are just too smart for me.

I think when I bought them, I was trying to convince myself that I'm okay with my brother having children when both my sister and I haven't been able to. Certainly it isn't an option to not be happy for them - I mean, I am, really. But, you'll also notice the lack of baby knits. I think when I'm knitting, and I don't want to wallow in any self pity! Which, surely, I would. This year has been difficult for various reasons....but I'm sure it will pass. I am hoping that the baby shower will not be difficult for me or my sister. Good thing I have PMS. Indeed.

On to the knitting. I have been procrastinating on all sweater projects! It's too hot here (although only mid-80's today!) to not be depressed by knitting wool sweaters. Seriously. I wonder if it will ever get cold! Although I purport to be working on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan from the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits.... I have only just finished my (second) swatch. Same with my Central Park Hoodie. But, both are now ready to cast on! And I'm exciting about beginning soon - must distract myself from wanting to buy more yarn. I have just finished the body for another Fibonacci Bag:
Hopefully I will full it soon. These bags really are so fun and fast to knit and very cute. If you wanted to make it a bit bigger, you might need a third ball of yarn (if using the Nashua Creative Focus Chunky), because it really takes up most of the two balls. And that's without a swatch (since I figured, why swatch? it's a bag.).

Next up: back to the sweaters? Or perhaps the cute hoodie baby blanket from magknits...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

There's a zoo in my backyard!

And there are a few of the cats and kittens who visit our yard checking out the cage we set to catch them. This is what I've been occupied with for the past few weeks - attempting to catch, neuter/spay, and release. Thus far, we have caught two females. And it's exhausting! The last one we caught is only 2 months old, and her mother was (is) quite irritated with us. The little kitten kept crying for hours after we brought her home from the vet last night, but we have to wait until today to release her! We were lucky to find a program that would pay for five cats to be spayed or neutered- but, as you can see - we have more than five! In fact, we have more than ten....

I have been knitting a little, but as blogger is refusing more photos...that will have to wait til next time...