Thursday, September 28, 2006

Behind on Swapping, knitting continues..

Many of my swaps are due within the next couple of days - I still need to find a small buddha to send to my partner (due Saturday), print out photos of my hands to become postcards (and the print place has been shut down, so I have to find a new place), buy two skeins of wool (also due Saturday), and make a bookmark (actually already mostly done, but I had this thought of knitting one..hahahaha). Oh, and my knitflix partner - I noticed that many people have already sent theirs out and received..ack! Well, at least we're both on the same page - a bit behind. I can't think what yarn is going to match this movie I bought her! Must get creative.

On the knitting front, my irish hiking scarf is going ok. It's my first attempt at cabling, and I'm really enjoying it. Um, mostly. Two days ago I thought it'd be a good idea to knit one last row before going to sleep. Not a good idea. I got to the first cable - slip three stiches, ok, knit three, ok, go back and knit the ones on the cable needle, ok...until the third one. It was super tight, and while pulling the yarn through the loop, an explosion occurred and stiches fell off needles everywhere! I spent the next half hour trying to put the stiches back on the needles, then had to pull out the stiches anyhow. Grrrrr. Turns out I actually got them all back on correctly! But I went to sleep an hour after I'd planned. The photo here is post-disaster (there was a secondary one involving the middle cable the next morning). Still looking ok, though!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's a cat!

I just joined the Fall Cable KAL and Fiberflix! Very excited to start cabling...not that I've done it before, but hey, there's always a first. On fiberflix, we'll be watching some film noir in October. I loved the Maltese Falcon when I saw it last year. I'd never seen Humphrey Bogart in anything before...and he's made for film noir, isn't he? Or something like that.

I mentioned I have cats...or that cats have me, whatever. This here is Anya. Playing with the camera, of course. Always the curious one.. also known as "little one." Not that she's exactly small, but she's smaller than the others!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How ridiculous. I have plenty of time on my hands - I mean, I work and all, but what else do I do? I guess I feel a bit odd just writing for myself. Who really is going to find this and start reading about my exploits? And I'm exhausted right now due to the attempted carpet cleaning this past weekend (carpet still streaky! grrrrrr), and the little mouse visitor we've had since yesterday. We have four cats, and none of them has caught it yet. Must post pictures of the cats once I figure out how to do that (because who doesn't like photos of crazy cats???).

So I just started knitting about a month ago - I've made 2 1/2 dish cloths so far. And I just made a mistake in the current one and had to un-knit a row - that isn't easy yet. I had to really think with all of my groggy mind and try to figure out where those two extra stitches came from. Weird. I got rid of them, but I think only one was removed correctly! Soon, I'd love to move on to something more complicated - like a cabled scarf...