Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today's Photo

I'm not sure what I think of actually wearing them... but aren't they colorful? (Yes, dusty too - Arizona is a very dusty place.)

The One Where I Welcome...

Riley...my new niece!

I know it isn't a great photo - the lighting in my brother's house was not ideal in the late afternoon/evening and I didn't want to continually flash the little girl in the face. But here is Little R - born Friday, January 18, 2008. She was 7 lbs 4 oz, but at two days old she was down to 6 lbs 14 oz. They even got to go home after just two days - despite the c-section.

Newborns are so tiny! I haven't seen any in a couple years, so you know, I forgot just how tiny they are. And I'd forgotten how big my brother is (I still think of him as a little kid...obviously he's not anymore.. he's a dad!). Crazy.

I think my knitting malaise could be lifting soon.... According to my husband, who just discovered a huge portion of The Stash, I'd better get to work and knit something ASAP!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bunny Thumper Challenge

Well, that was ridiculous! Tyger despises the touching of his back paws. I got the ruler in there for a split second before the loud *phwhomp* of his clawed front paw grabbing the ruler. Good thing he missed my very dry and cracked hands... So, no picture of that! But his bunny thumpers are a nice 5.5" in length.

Mr. Chester was measured in mid-air (I'd post that photo, but really, I don't think he'd appreciate people viewing him in such an immodest position). A wee bit smaller than Tyger at 5.25" in length. Here he is sans ruler:Anya briefly allowed me to touch her back foot - she's such a long, lanky creature - thin but tall! She's got 4.75" long bunny thumpers. Goodness! I really thought she'd be smaller.

Miss. Lotus has a dainty little 4.5" paw - she's our short one. Might be a bit shorter, but here's what happened every time I placed the ruler near her paw (she sleeps with them under her when it's cold, so no-go on the rest time measurements):Not quite a violent as Tyger - she at least is willing to only punish the ruler rather than the human measurer! Well, looking at KitKatKnit's challenge page, these kitties are all about average! Not that I expected any differently....no Maine Coons here! And I'm not measuring my parents' cat Silly. He's not silly at all - just evil. Or schizophrenic. scary.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Year Thoughts

I must honestly say that I am not into much these days. Seriously. Have you ever had weeks (months) when you just don't want to do anything? The last time I picked up a knitting project was on Christmas Eve - a baby hat for my brother's (still unborn) daughter. I'm happy that my sister-in-law thought it was the cutest thing, though! I'm hoping to have a photo of it at some point...perhaps on a little baby head??? Honestly, though, the idea of knitting makes me a bit queasy - in fact, so does anything that involves purchasing non-essential items. Crazy, huh? Perhaps this oddness will be over soon... in the meantime, I've turned to reading more.

I just found my To Be Read list for 2007. I read one book from it! That's an amazingly bad job. I'm ashamed of myself! I used to be such a reader... *sigh* Well, I've just about knocked off a second book on that list already, and I think I'm up for more. What's a year anyway?

What do you all have planned for this year? I'm expecting my year (despite the sluggish beginning) to be an amazing one. Truly.