Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bunny Thumper Challenge

Well, that was ridiculous! Tyger despises the touching of his back paws. I got the ruler in there for a split second before the loud *phwhomp* of his clawed front paw grabbing the ruler. Good thing he missed my very dry and cracked hands... So, no picture of that! But his bunny thumpers are a nice 5.5" in length.

Mr. Chester was measured in mid-air (I'd post that photo, but really, I don't think he'd appreciate people viewing him in such an immodest position). A wee bit smaller than Tyger at 5.25" in length. Here he is sans ruler:Anya briefly allowed me to touch her back foot - she's such a long, lanky creature - thin but tall! She's got 4.75" long bunny thumpers. Goodness! I really thought she'd be smaller.

Miss. Lotus has a dainty little 4.5" paw - she's our short one. Might be a bit shorter, but here's what happened every time I placed the ruler near her paw (she sleeps with them under her when it's cold, so no-go on the rest time measurements):Not quite a violent as Tyger - she at least is willing to only punish the ruler rather than the human measurer! Well, looking at KitKatKnit's challenge page, these kitties are all about average! Not that I expected any Maine Coons here! And I'm not measuring my parents' cat Silly. He's not silly at all - just evil. Or schizophrenic. scary.


Jennifer said...

It's an adventure measring the felines!

Carrie K said...

Those are some great pictures though! Better than I got with Hezekiah. She was not amused.